Monday, April 30, 2007

Once this season

The Duke of Earl is playing for Louisville again this season and they come to Syracuse only ONCE.

Of course it was this weekend. I've got a horrible head cold; I spent Thursday in bed sleeping all day and all night.

Friday I was too tired and sick to go, but that was okay since the game was rained out.

Saturday I set out, excited that there was going to be a doubleheader, even though it was cool and damp, but before I got even halfway to Syracuse I had to give up and go home, back to bed.

Sunday I napped after reading the paper, and by the time it was time to leave for the ballpark, the sun was out. When I got there, I check the line up. No Earl. And he doesn't come out of the dugout to coach first as he often does when not playing. Crap.

Then in the top of the ninth, Mark Bellhorn (yes, of the World Champion Red Sox) hits a homerun to tie the score and Earl is sent in to pinch hit. He's posted a batting average of .154 so far this season, but they walk him on five pitches. In the bottom of the inning, he stays in at third, starts the doubleplay that ends the inning.

After the game he headed to the home end of the dugout where a couple little kids were waiting for autographs. He signed and took a moment to talk with them.

He needs a haircut.

Monday, April 23, 2007

To Laugh

4 in a row? You gotta be kidding me.

During last night's Sunday Night Baseball, Yanks at Red Sox, there was a moment when I was confused on just who and how many. With Miller and Morgan yakking about the homeruns and the video team playing and replaying Manny's, then Drew's, then Lowell's, I wasn't sure if the dinger I was seeing was a replay or a new one being hit.

And when Tek went to the plate, I knew he was going to hit one too. I told my cat Jesse James Orosco W----- that the captain was going to hit one, he hasn't hit one yet this season, now is the time. And when Tek hit the top of the wall, Jesse James Orosco was not happy with my cheering, disturbing his attempts to nap through the game.

Weather Report
Last weekend was a cold wet one, games doubled up or postponed, and on Monday we had the worst storm of the season, most snow we've had.

This weekend was glorious, sunny, warm, dry, not a cloud in the sky. It's around 80 today. And the B-Mets were on the road, of course.

They'll be back the end of this week. Forecast is for cooler and rain. Figures.

Friday, April 13, 2007

A Wet One

Opening Night for the B-Mets was mostly wet. A little on the cold side, but not bad. At least until the wind decided to kick up.

I headed to Binghamton after work knowing that the evening forecast was for rain turning to snow, temperatures dropping into the thirties. I knew I'd be shivering and probably leave early, so I decided to delay arriving at the park until just before game time, skipping all the pre-game festivities. Which meant I missed the first pitch being thrown out by the guy I usually sit with.

The visiting Sea Dogs jumped out in front, scored five runs in the top of the first. My Guys didn't get on the board until the bottom of the fourth, tied it up in the fifth. Too bad.

It was drizzling when the game started but by the second inning it was a steady rain that kept up for hours. The head groundskeeper spread drying agent a couple times on the field, around the bases and on the mound. He conferred with the umpires. The game went on. And on. And on. We thought it might be called once it reached the point of being official, four and a half innings, but the home team was trailing after the top of the fifth, and they tied it up in the bottom of the fifth.

photo from

Getting wet, soaked wasn't that bad, except when the rain finally let up, the wind started. I kept thinking, a little longer, a little longer, until looking at the clock on the new video scoreboard, I decided my curfew was 9 pm. I'd stay through the end of whatever inning was in progress at 9. It was only the sixth. The game started at 6:30.

I listened to the game as long as I could get the signal on the drive home, but after giving up a run and scoring another, the B-Mets were still tied when I lost contact with the AM station.

According to this morning's newspaper, the game ended some time around 11:15. It went 11 innings, 4 hours and 40 minutes, the longest opening day game in B-Mets history.

It's going to be some season.

Friday, April 06, 2007

My Guys, in that Place

Just when I thought I wouldn't have to go to the stadium in Syracuse for more than the Louisville visit (to see the Duke of Earl play) since the Mets AAA team is in the Pacific Coast League (at least for this season), I saw the 2007 Chiefs roster.

Damn. Two of My Guys will be starting the season in Syracuse.

Russ Adams: I saw him play during his first professional season, in Auburn, when even at that stage he looked like a big league shortstop, and again when he reached AA with the New Haven Ravens. He spent some time with the Blue Jays, but has been sent back to AAA to get more playing time. Russ may not rank as the best, but he's a damn good shortstop and a good lead-off hitter.

Jeff Duncan: I saw him play in Binghamton, where he was a fan favorite. He played with enthusiasm and skill. (Silly memory: Jeff always pulled his back pockets inside out when he took his batting gloves out of them and whenever he reached first base, Howard Johnson, in the first base coach's box, would always tuck in Jeff's pocket linings.) He was a player with obvious potential, but the Mets derailed his career. He was literally pulled out of a game to go up to New York during his first season in AA, in mid-May, and the Mets expected too much too quickly. When he wasn't an instant success, not a phenom, they trashed him. The New York Mets broke him; he's spent a season in AA, Mobile, and a season in AAA, Las Vegas. Here's hoping this season is the one that sees him get another chance at the Show.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Need a Scorecard

I'm gonna need a scorecard for sure this season. I visited the B-Mets website to see if this year's roster was posted yet and see that Jose Reyes will be playing in Binghamton.

Jose Reyes, #7.

And I thought he was doing well in New York with the Big Club.

What's that? Jose A. Reyes?

He's a catcher?

Never mind.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Sunday Night Baseball back on? Check

AL and NL reports other than trades and signings on the crawl? Check

Baseball highlights on Sports Center? Check

Opening day game to watch while eating supper? Check (Red Sox, bonus check)

Wednesday Night Baseball back on, at least for a while? Check

New field at the college ready for use? Check (fingers crossed that the home opener isn't rained out as regional play was)

Report in the school district's newsletter that the school once again has a varsity baseball team, and a refurbished field including dugouts? Check

The Duke of Earl Snyder still playing? )On Louisville's roster, looking good in the media guide.) Check

Dates Louisville will be playing close enough to go see Earl play? Check, posted

New player on the horizon to look for? Check (though may be a season away)


Not down for long

So with the 2007 season one game old, I was in last place in the Talkin' Baseball Fantasy League. Nowhere to go but up.

Which I/they did, only 11th now. Out of 13.