Saturday, October 18, 2008

Good Grief--Is It Safe to Look Yet?

I've been rooting for the Rays all season, as well as for the Saux. I was thrilled for the Rays and their fans, who seem to have multiplied like fishes and loaves, when they finished first in the East. DIdn't mind at all that they finished ahead of the Saux, kind of liked their dramatic rise from worst to first. What was important in the AL East standings was that the Rays and the Saux finished ahead of the Yankees--the Saux didn't even have to make it to the Wild Card as long as they finished ahead of the Yankees,

And I was happy when the Rays and the Saux both won their ALDS. I wasn't until they faced each other for the first game of the ALCS that my fealty was tested. I thought I wanted to see the Rays go all the way, but watching Dice-K loading the bases in Tampa Bay, I couldn't bear to see the Saux lose and not make it to the Series.

So I have watched little of this round of the play-offs, though the scores indicate it's been a wild one, pitching duels and home run derbies, not to mention a comebacker like only the Saux can do. When the score for game five was 4-0 I figured the Saux were still in it, but when it went 7-0, I figured it was over and went to bed, only to flip back and see the Saux finally on the board, 7-4, and I recalled that game in 2004 when they were down 7-0 going into the bottom of the ninth in Fenway against the Yanks and won it 8-7.

I'm going to watch tonight, still wanting the Rays to make it to the World Series, but not wanting the Saux to lose.

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